Friday, October 05, 2007

Friday Bullet Points...

Since I have so many things on my plate, its amazing what I remember and forget. So..

* Need to start packing for the trip. Taking two youngin's cross country is an enormous task for 10 days. At least they are both walking age and we don't have to take the stroller.

* Been so busy forgot that Monday is a holiday (Columbus Day) which means I can pack for the trip.

* Along with worrying about the kids, how will they deal with a 3-hour time change to the East Coast as well as transcon flights? At least the first transcon is a red-eye so they can sleep.

* Ready the band scripts for Scott Moak so he can announce for the band during next Saturday's football game (its only the 3rd home game I will have missed in the last 17 years).

* Getting my second working paper out for my CSMP project. Templates seem to change everyday from the other CSMP's (Thank God my corridor is not the lead one!) and it sets me back at least a day to change the settings.

That's it for now. Hopefully I will post what I think about the Hornets game tomorrow at Weber State. The band was originally supposed to go to it (and to think I am missing a 12 hr. bus ride The weather is forecast to be about 45 degrees with light rain. I made a predicition earlier in the week that we would win 31-14. But now with the weather, I am going to say we win 21-10. Go Hornets!


Mary said...

ok, will definitely start looking for restaurants this week. I'm thinking something low-key and not the Ruth's Chris' of the world, right? I'll email you early next week! :)

WillinSacto said...

Yeah Ruth's is probably not what we are looking at. Also remember we have our two bambino's with us (age 3 and 18 months).