Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Trip Part I

First of all, I was hoping to do a post while I was at LAX, however, due to no WiFi in the Delta Terminal, and I was not going to shell out $25 for a one day pass to the Crown Room Club, my first post is here now after the wedding and as well try to get about 4 hours sleep before waking up to take the train to New York City.

We got to SMF two hours before departure and going through security with the little ones was actually not bad. With all the stuff we had to bring, I'm amazed that security did not ask us for extra searches. The TSA wanted Evan to go through the detector by himself, but he was a little apprehensive about it so I picked him up to go through (and of course nothing happened I told him). One TSA guy even called my "SuperDad" for getting the brood through...ha.

We then had some lunch in Terminal A and then went to the gate area to put our stuff down and I took the bambinos over to the play area to get out some of the energy they had.

I also started taking photos at this is Lauren with her baby and water with a big ol grin!

Evan here probably saying "where is the airplane Daddy?"

Our ride to LAX (a Delta Connection by ExpressJet ERJ 145-one of the planes Daddy use to fly as I told Evan):

So the flight was perfect...not a full load, and both Evan and Lauren had fun flying...and for Lauren, her first ever plane ride! She even had fun drinking her apple juice and trying to have some of Dad's ginger ale (sorry no photo of that) though I do have a photo of Lauren with the headphones on trying to listen to the XM radio (it wasn't on for this flight...bummer):

Editor's note...ok, its now 11:21 EDT on Saturday night and my wakeup call is set for 4:00am for the train! I am going to continue this later...but for now, enjoy!

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