Sunday, September 30, 2007

What a week...

I had the strangest weeks, probably ever. First, I went to a two-day training called Planning on Track, put on by our OPD (that's Office of Professional Development for those posters on GDIFC).
When I went to dinner, my debit/check card was stolen out of my hotel room. I had left it there as I took my ID and cash to dinner. As soon as I realized it was gone, immediately called to cancel it and called hotel security. They called the San Jose police and filed a report. They think its an inside job.

Other than that, the training was neat. I got to learn about interregional rail, commuter rail and light rail in the Bay Area. Since pretty much all the rail systems now connect, its a great way to get around the Bay. Folks need to try it.

Then, football. Sacramento State came into the home opener 0-3 with a tough conference loss at PSU two weeks ago and got blasted by New Mexico the week before. All we did was humiliate, absolutely humiliate, Northern Arizona, 38-9. The Hornets finally broke out the offense weapons and racked up 422 yards in offense. The defense, which we knew was killer, held NAU, who came in averaging 420 yards a game, to 187 total yards!! In fact, NAU was so inept, they were 0-12 on third down. WTF!?!?! 0-12!! NAU's coach said in their fishwrap that they looked like they were a team without direction. Uh, wrong dude, you got your asses handed to you.

So I have for the past 24 hours now been basking in a great win for the program. Congrats go to first year coach Marshall Sperbeck. He is going to be awesome for the alma mater.

This week I have too many meetings and things to get done. We head to Raleigh a week from Thursday and need to start packing for things for the trip there and then onto New York.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

This, that and the other...

First, what a dissapointing game last night. Sac State was up 24-21 with 3 minutes to go in the game against Portland State and they come down and score a TD with 2:06 left. We then start driving all the way down to the PSU 33 yd line only to have our freshman qb throw an interception that was returned all the way to the house to lose 35-24, our eighth straight loss to

Second, got a new personal laptop here for the house. Much better than the desktop.

Third, saw Jen at Green Tangerines on Thurs. night here in Rocklin teaching a class. Got some food after that. I proposed a trade for her: she'll teach me to scrapbook and I'll teach her a wind instrument. She agreed.

Fourth, volleyball continues to roll, beat #14 Cal Poly yesterday in four and won the USF Invite. Hornets are now 11-3 and should be receiving votes again in the coaches poll...I don't know if it'll be enough to be ranked in the top-25.

Fifth, I have two meetings tomorrow which will keep me out of the office all day..first to Loyalton (about 3 hrs from Sac), then to Nevada City. Wednesday I'm back in Nevada City for another meeting. I'm going to a training session next week on an overnight to San Jose for commuter, regional and transit trains. Looking forward to it. My CSMP working paper #2 is slow going right now, awaiting data to come in (hopefully by the end of the week).

So that's all for now. Hope to hear from you all.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Ok, first of all, Sac State played tough in the opener against Fresno State (who, sorry Mary, got absolutely hosed at A&M and that WTF call by the replay official), losing 24-3. Our frosh qb played well in a hostile environment and did not have any turnovers, plus, a bend but not break defense. I think we can pull of the win against Portland State this Saturday, who is absolutely awful after they blew a big lead against ucdavis-sucks! this past Saturday.

Second, we have finalized our plans to attend Nate and Robin's wedding in October in Raleigh and then head up to Long Island to see my family for the week. The bummer is I will miss Homecoming (we are playing Montana so I'm sure I will not feel bad about watching a loss), which is the second home game I have missed in the past 18 years! (Note to all my friends, never, EVER, get married during football season!)

Third, I am working real hard on our Corridor System Management Plan as a result of the bond-funded projects we passed as a proposition back last November. I am doing the State Route 49 (SR 49) one. If you want to take a look, its up on the web. The first working paper of five. Here is the link:

Fourth, back in June bought a newer car for me. A 2003 Buick Rendezvous SUV. Pretty nice vehicle with lots of room. Also, bought a new refrigerator two weeks ago with a water and ice dispenser (will not have to rely on the Brita filter for H2O anymore...yeah!).

Fifth, the weather is actually starting to feel like fall here today. Maybe its trying to tell us that we best be ready for real "autumn" weather back east.

Monday, September 10, 2007

I'll do a post either today or tomorrow....

Just been really busy the past two weeks. I will get something up by the end of tomorrow.