Sunday, September 16, 2007

This, that and the other...

First, what a dissapointing game last night. Sac State was up 24-21 with 3 minutes to go in the game against Portland State and they come down and score a TD with 2:06 left. We then start driving all the way down to the PSU 33 yd line only to have our freshman qb throw an interception that was returned all the way to the house to lose 35-24, our eighth straight loss to

Second, got a new personal laptop here for the house. Much better than the desktop.

Third, saw Jen at Green Tangerines on Thurs. night here in Rocklin teaching a class. Got some food after that. I proposed a trade for her: she'll teach me to scrapbook and I'll teach her a wind instrument. She agreed.

Fourth, volleyball continues to roll, beat #14 Cal Poly yesterday in four and won the USF Invite. Hornets are now 11-3 and should be receiving votes again in the coaches poll...I don't know if it'll be enough to be ranked in the top-25.

Fifth, I have two meetings tomorrow which will keep me out of the office all day..first to Loyalton (about 3 hrs from Sac), then to Nevada City. Wednesday I'm back in Nevada City for another meeting. I'm going to a training session next week on an overnight to San Jose for commuter, regional and transit trains. Looking forward to it. My CSMP working paper #2 is slow going right now, awaiting data to come in (hopefully by the end of the week).

So that's all for now. Hope to hear from you all.

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