Monday, July 31, 2006

I am 28's some musings

So today I celebrate my 28th birthday. July 31 is really the best day of the year ;-)

So this is what 28 looks like.....hmmm, not bad, but it looks like 27 as well.

So this weekend I pretty much tended to things around the house and with the Homeowners association. For those of you who don't know, I use to my VP of the HOA until last year when I stepped down from the board at the end of term (mostly due to work).

So the board fired our landscapers and for the past week, right as they were let go, they shut off the timers for the irrigation system in the complex. Sounds like sour grapes until I found out that the landscapers pretty much resigned to doing less because of all the nitpicking our idiot board president constantly harps on. He has driven away in the past five years (while being on the board) three HOA management companies and four landscapers.

Its very frustrating as someone who is trying to sell their place when stuff like this happens because ever since interest rates went up, townhomes have taken the biggest hit in trying to sell. So, to help counteract, you need to have a really up-to-date looking home on the inside, and lush common areas on the out. Needless to say with all the upgrades that have been done in the house (laminate flooring, new painting, new light fixtures, retexturing the walls and ceiling), its not helping that the outdoors looks like something out of Death Valley.

So, I am back at work trying to make sense of five projects I've got going on now, plus the drama at home.

Happy 28th Birthday Will!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Business Trip Planning

I am in the middle of planning a fun week of business in Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Sept 10-14. If anyone wants to roadie with me....shoot me an email.

I love planning trips....the countless hours getting your clients to commit to the times you have planned, pouring over hotel websites trying to get a decent room.

Though my fave, booking those great flights with everyone's fave carrier, Southwest :-P

I will enjoy though free evenings by the coast!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Hot, Hot, Hot!!!!

There are many reasons why I love summer. One, my birthday (which is a week from today); swimming, boating, etc.; and warm weather.

However, this past weekend, Sacramento became Hades. You know the old adage: "Hey, who forgot to turn off the heater outside." Well that is an understatement of what happened in the Capital City the past few days. The real kicker has been the high amount of humidity (yes, I know you folks in South Carolina will say 35% humidity is not humidity, but, considering our normal humidity for Sacto in the summer ranges in the 15% range, you do the math) coming up from Mexico.

Quick, a recap:

Friday: 105
Saturday: 109 (Broke Record)
Sunday: 111 (Broke Record)

So needless to say the A/C has been cranked up to make staying indoors bearable. Though several trips to the pool and cool showers have helped with the relief efforts.

The NWS is projecting a cool-down this week though not before Sacto is expecting a high of 108 today (current record is 106). If so, this will be the ninth-straight 100 degree day, which will tie Sacto's all-time record.

Good times!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Long Days and Bumpy Train Rides

So, I worked later than normal last night trying to cut down on my stack of work in my cube. From inputing quarterly reports to calling the regions to consolidate application scores, I still have not touched my trip reports from the District 2 (NE California) trip over two weeks ago.

Last night I got home, ate dinner with the fam, and then crashed just after 9pm. And I was up at 5am this morning to start it all over again.

On the train this morning, I think the heat of the Sacramento Valley is taking a toll on the electric grid as our Light Rail train came to a screeching halt on the American River Bridge on Hwy 160. Nothing like being jolted to a stop. We sat there for about five minutes before some power was restored: train operating power and the AC. Alas the overhead lights were still out by the time I got to Archives Station.

Hopefully today will not last as long....maybe it will if more things keep landing on my desk! Hopefully I can hit the pool after work tonight as Sacto is expected to fry again today at 105.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Opening Post

My first blog post. Hopefully, I will use this to connect family and friends to all of my comings and goings. Hopefully all those interested will find my musings amusing. So don't mind the occasional rant or soliloquy.

Here is my chance to hopefully portray some of my inner thoughts.

Hope you all enjoy!