Monday, July 17, 2006

Opening Post

My first blog post. Hopefully, I will use this to connect family and friends to all of my comings and goings. Hopefully all those interested will find my musings amusing. So don't mind the occasional rant or soliloquy.

Here is my chance to hopefully portray some of my inner thoughts.

Hope you all enjoy!


B. Jackson said...

Will! What up big baybee!!?

I'm so glad that you've got this thing... I get so caught up in my everyday doings that I fail to keep up w/ friends & family, and this is a great idea--I'm gonna have to get me a page...

Good to hear that all is well w/ fam and work--hey, busy is good, right?

The spot is coming along... It'll probably be ready for you and wifey to come by in about a month or so (i'm too much of a perfectionist).

But, yeah keep me posted on your whereabouts as we just may cross paths and be able to enjoy a drink together--whether it's here or in the Bay...


WillinSacto said...

Thanks B. Cant wait to see the crib....though, you need to come over to mine so we can chill with the wine!