Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Long Days and Bumpy Train Rides

So, I worked later than normal last night trying to cut down on my stack of work in my cube. From inputing quarterly reports to calling the regions to consolidate application scores, I still have not touched my trip reports from the District 2 (NE California) trip over two weeks ago.

Last night I got home, ate dinner with the fam, and then crashed just after 9pm. And I was up at 5am this morning to start it all over again.

On the train this morning, I think the heat of the Sacramento Valley is taking a toll on the electric grid as our Light Rail train came to a screeching halt on the American River Bridge on Hwy 160. Nothing like being jolted to a stop. We sat there for about five minutes before some power was restored: train operating power and the AC. Alas the overhead lights were still out by the time I got to Archives Station.

Hopefully today will not last as long....maybe it will if more things keep landing on my desk! Hopefully I can hit the pool after work tonight as Sacto is expected to fry again today at 105.


Uncle Steve said...

Nice Blog page. Do you ride the light rail every day?

Uncle Steve

WillinSacto said...

Yes when I don't ride my bike. Thanks for the comments Uncle Steve.