Monday, July 24, 2006

Hot, Hot, Hot!!!!

There are many reasons why I love summer. One, my birthday (which is a week from today); swimming, boating, etc.; and warm weather.

However, this past weekend, Sacramento became Hades. You know the old adage: "Hey, who forgot to turn off the heater outside." Well that is an understatement of what happened in the Capital City the past few days. The real kicker has been the high amount of humidity (yes, I know you folks in South Carolina will say 35% humidity is not humidity, but, considering our normal humidity for Sacto in the summer ranges in the 15% range, you do the math) coming up from Mexico.

Quick, a recap:

Friday: 105
Saturday: 109 (Broke Record)
Sunday: 111 (Broke Record)

So needless to say the A/C has been cranked up to make staying indoors bearable. Though several trips to the pool and cool showers have helped with the relief efforts.

The NWS is projecting a cool-down this week though not before Sacto is expecting a high of 108 today (current record is 106). If so, this will be the ninth-straight 100 degree day, which will tie Sacto's all-time record.

Good times!

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