Thursday, July 27, 2006

Business Trip Planning

I am in the middle of planning a fun week of business in Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Sept 10-14. If anyone wants to roadie with me....shoot me an email.

I love planning trips....the countless hours getting your clients to commit to the times you have planned, pouring over hotel websites trying to get a decent room.

Though my fave, booking those great flights with everyone's fave carrier, Southwest :-P

I will enjoy though free evenings by the coast!


Jennifer Lynn said...

You clearly get to have much more fun business trips than I do. This week I'm off to the Inland Empire which is much less exciting!

WillinSacto said...


Hey now, I have to go to IE later this year so I get to join you in that oh so ever exciting SB and R'side counties :-p