Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thursday's Thoughts...The Rain Edition

- It's been raining here all week with very low snow levels (down to Colfax/Grass Valley and the Bay Area hills!). I have to go to Nevada City for a meeting this afternoon regarding Nevada County's Regional Transportation Mitigation Fee program. Im on the TAC (that's tech advise committee) for NCTC (Nevada County Transportation Commission) that helps formulate policy and direction. So I get to be in the snow later on...woohoo!

- The cold is actually a sinus infection and have now been on amoxicillin for a week now. Finally finding relief (and its not spelled R-O-L-A-I-D-S).

- Women's basketball game tonight against Weber State. They are 2-2 in conf. play and they have come a long way. The men dropped another one last night at Weber. I think Jerome is done as our coach after the season. Too bad too because he has really stabilized the program in his eight years as coach. Time for a new direction because 3-15 and 1-6 in conf. will not get it done.

- Missed out on a training opportunity next week in Ventura (which is a bummer). What a free week by the ocean. Please twist my arm. Though I am going to San Diego at the beginning of March for 3 days as I am on the statewide committee (our district's rep) for Local Development Review (also known as IGR).

- And last but not least, everyone has acknowledge that after the Pats-Giants game in Week 17, I said that if the G-men play in the playoffs like they did after that first game, they would get a rematch. And they have. Im going for New England to see history be made.

That's all for now.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Colds=Evil; Dish TV=Great!

Im tired of having this cold. I have had it for nearly two weeks now and it stinks!

On another front, Dawn and I are getting Dish Network. Woohoo, satellite TV. She's says I finally broke her down into getting it.

Now about that XboxI have been wanting (or Wii).....

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Im Sick Again and Granddad Dale has passed.

So a few things. First on New Years Morning, Granddad Dale lost his battle with Alzheimers and peacefully went home to the Lord. This past Saturday was his funeral and it was pouring rain during the service graveside. I had a little cough going into the weekend (and if you hadn't heard about the storms we had in Northern California last weekend...where have you been!) but being outdoors in it made it I am now sick again...possible bronchitis.

Anyway, during the service, the cemetery was supposed to have an Honor Guard for him because of his service during WWII. They never showed up so because of my JROTC training, I ended up folding the flag and presenting it to Grandma Lourdes. A very touching moment.

So, I am here again in bed with Lauren also being sick as a dog. Poor thing...she doesn't quite realize what's up, though she has been a good sport though.