Monday, August 28, 2006

Sorry It's been a While

I have not been able to post due to five million things going on at the same time. Two weeks ago Christina and her children needed to escape a bad situation in Missouri and have put them up in the house until she can get on her feet.

Work wise, we just finished our major scoring project for applications for next year's fiscal year. We have a statewide appeals meeting in on Sept. 13 at HQ to see if any changes need to happen to the scores. Once that happens, we can finalize the scores and send them to the CA Transportation Commission for approval and then send it to the FTA.

Football is finally here (Thank God!). We open Thurs. night at Boise State. Unfortunately its not being televised in Sacramento (darn it). Will have to rely on the radio for the game, just like the old days when that was the only way. Home opener is on Sat. Sept. 16 vs. Cal Poly.

Work trip to SLO and Santa Barbara is three weeks away. There is another item that I should know about in a few weeks that might be some good news, so stay tuned.

One last thing, the Comair crash yesterday has hit me kind of hard. I flew on jets that are very similar to the one that went down when I was with Eagle. The training I received to evacuate an aircraft is very thorough, though, the FA probably never knew what happened as the plane fell back to Earth. My heart and prayers go out to my former flying colleagues and to all the families that lost a loved one in the beautiful Kentucky countryside.

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prncess674 said...

I am too am glad football season has started!