Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Random TV Show

So last night, I watched this new show on ABC called One Ocean View. Its kinda like Real World meets Friends out in the Hamptons (not too far from my cousins who live on Long Island, albeit they live in Nassau County!).

Basically, it is soft-core porn meets Animal House partying for a bunch of Gen X'ers (hey, I'm one too :-p) who are attempting to find either love or lust, or both, while they try to move up the corporate food chain during the week in Manhattan.

Last night there was this couple on there who I take it were a couple before this show started and now they are no longer together, and they are fighting amongst all these people. It was actually great comedy to sit there and watch. The guy seems self-absorbed while the gal wants to have her cake, ice cream, diamonds and chocolate all at the same time.

Then there was this new gal who could not come out for the previous weekend (which they never really explained why) and she ends up hooking up with one of the guys who was there the weekend before. They ended their night shaked up in the cabana (but hey, every house in the Hamptons has a cabana!), and then they proceeded to tell the others that, eh, no big deal.

Finally, there is the token girl-next-door who also showed up for the first time on the second weekend where she proudly brags that she posed for Playboy. She then sets her sights on this one guy who seemed pretty mild until she laid eyes on him. Then they end up making out in the bathtub while giving each other a bubble bath and all the others get sort of jealous because they seem (especially with the previews for next week's show) to have made a love connection, the first one during the show.

Then of course, since that was right before the 11pm news, what is the first story after the show ended, a murder story. After that, I clicked off the TV and fell asleep.

On a side note....yesterday seemed like the first day of fall because the temperature fell to, you guessed it, 79 Degrees! You would have thought hell had frozen over. The Delta Breeze was great all day, plus we had the marine layer come in from the Bay Area. This wacky weather though gets better because the weather guessers think it will be 94 today. Nothing like a 15 degree turnaround in one day.

Oh, BTW, the A's won again and beat the Rangers last night, 7-4 at the Coliseum. The good guys, lead by Mark Ellis, who homered and had 4 ribbies, have now won for the eighth time in their last nine games. Jen, your team is going down again tonight and tomorrow!


Rachel said...

Never heard of it. Is the show scripted or is it reality TV?

WillinSacto said...

I believe its reality TV because everything they did was too real.