Sunday, April 13, 2008

Weekend in SoCal

So, I am sitting here in my swanky hotel room at the Renaissance Hotel located on the corner of Hollywood and Highland located in the Kodiak Theatre complex here in Hollywood. I can't believe the state shelled out this kind of jack for these rooms and hotel space for our Field Academy starting tomorrow.

Anyway, flew down on South-worst on Friday night to spend the weekend with my Grandma Marlys. We had a great time catching up. I forgot how quick it is to fly from Sacramento to Burbank. Immediately after you get to cruising altitude, you start decending. I had this 24 year-old girl who sat next to me in the exit row, completely drunk, telling me and the guy next to me how at her age she has sworn off men because of their game. I found it quite amusing and it helped pass the 45 min. flight.

Got to Burbank about 9pm and then over to Grandma's house in Lake View Terrace. It was the first time I have been back since Papa passed three years ago and it was kind of weird not seeing him there. I got some great photos of the valley and I have never seen it so clear there (as well as hot as it was 92-95 all weekend).

Here is a cute photo of Misty, playing out in the backyard:

Those were on Saturday. On Sunday, I took Grandma to the Dodgers game against San Diego. It was a great pitching duel as Greg Maddux got the 1-0 win over the former Brooklyn Bums. I thought it was a great game, Grandma didn't think so.

After the game, went back to Grandma's and grabbed my stuff to then head to the hotel. I then met up with Ron who flew in at 5pm. We got settled, I grabbed a quick shower and we headed out for dinner at Miceli's Italian Restaurant. I had the Chicken Cannelloni and glass of Mezzocoraon Pino Grigio and Ron had spag. Since yesterday was his birthday, I surprised him by getting him his first canoli. He loved it.

After we finished, we headed out and strolled the sights before heading back to the hotel and calling it a night.

That's it for now. Will take more photos and fill in more about the trip in the next couple of days.

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