Friday, April 11, 2008

LA, Hollywood and Some Squaw

Tonight I fly out to Burbank to spend the weekend with my Grandma before attending the Field Academy next week in Hollywood. We are going to go to a Dodger game on Sunday (against the Padres). After that I will check into the hotel (the Renaissance) and catch up with my friend Ronaldo (he and I started the same day with Caltrans in Mass Trans 2 1/2 years ago).

We get to go to a lot of operational places in transportation while in the LA Basin: including one day at the Port of Long Beach/Port of LA. I wish I could stay the following weekend because I would have liked to have gone to the Long Beach Grand Prix (since its now an IndyCar race again), but maybe next year.

I then come home for the weekend before getting up early Monday the 21st and head to Squaw Valley for the 3-day CalAct conference. CalAct is a trade organization for rural and elderly/disabled transit providers. It will be going back to my roots with Caltrans. Over the next two weeks I will get to see a lot of friends I have made since joining Caltrans.

I will be taking my camera for both events and I will try to update the blog during the trips so stay tuned.

All of that means that I will be physically out of the office for two weeks! Wish I could do that all the time, but all of this will help me for the upcoming Associate Transportation Planner exam coming up in a couple of months.

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