Monday, November 06, 2006

A Good Weekend for the Hornets!

First of all, major congrats to Katie and the Sac State Women's Soccer Team. I know it must have been absolutely devasting to lose the Big Sky Championship match in a shootout, but, you ladies gave us Hornet fans and alums a season to remember. Keep your chin up and we will take the title home next year at our place.

Second, football got a huge win on the road at Idaho State, 22-14 on Saturday. Marquez had the second-best day for a Hornet QB in school history, 396 yards passing! One thing concerned me though was twice we had 1st and goal inside the 5-yard line and got pushed back 20 yards due to sacks. We did get field goals after those drives, but guys, you have chance for the jugular, you have to go for it. Still, 4-3 in the Big Sky with PSU left at home. Huge! Congrats to Moose and the rest of the team for winning our second road game of the year.

I don't know what was better Saturday, our win over ISU, or fUCDavis losing for the second-straight week after blowing a halftime lead and coming out each time with 0 points in the second half. BTW, the fAgs are 4-5 overall just like we are. If we win Causeway, we will end their riduculous consecutive winning season mark at 36 years.

Volleyball won both of their matches last week at home and need one win this week to clinch the regular season again and we will host the Big Sky Tourney Nov. 16-18. We are at NAU on Thurs. Enough said.

Go Hornets!!

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