Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Brutal Night

Last night was a bad night for the GOP. We lost the House in a 28 seat swing which now gives that wacko Nancy Pelosi the Speaker's gavel (God Help Us All!!) She will bring "San Francisco Values" to the nation.....which is a very scary thought. Don't think for a minute this woman is going to be bi-partisan....she is the most, extreme partisan Democrat in the House since Tip O'Neill.

I tell you this, if the Dems completely try to evaserate the military and intelligence community again, like President Clinton did in the 1990's, and another 9-11 type attack happens on our soil, the Dems will lose power for 60 years. They better make sure that funding levels for the troops and our intelligence officers stays the same and that they better not make policy decisions that undermine these professionals.

Somehow I knew this was going to happen because the GOP went away from our message. The real sad thing is the Dems don't have a real plan for change, saying, well we just need change. When you are running for control of governing, you need to present plans and ideas. The Dems did not...they just kept with the mantra: "Bush Evil, Bush Evil!" And sadly enough, a majority of Americans got duped.

I sincerely hope that the resulting aftermath will help wake up the Republicans and re-energize the base, because frankly, it was getting stale. Of course the corruption charges and improprieties of some did not help, but the Dems can't be boasting how they are saints because many-a-time when they were in control, they had the same problems: i.e. Dan Rostenkowski.

So, in the end, really, both parties are corrupt and things are cyclical. I still hold that the GOP is still better when it comes to national defense and protecting the American public.

Somewhere I have to think the President Reagan is shedding a tear after his party abandoned his steadfast principles for the greed of money and power.

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