Monday, October 30, 2006

The Cooling Power of Autumn

Finally! Its starting to feel like the season it says it is. Today's temps here in the Valley are only supposed to top out at 68. This morning was really cold to the point where I should have had on a warmer jacket. Not parka cold yet, but, pretty damn chilly. Leaves are finally turning colors here.

As the weather turns cool, the political races are heating up in the stretch drive to Election Day next week. As we are 8 days out, I will be looking forward to the end of the silly commercials on why each millionaire that runs for office tries to come across like they are not a millionaire. Please. Just tell us how much money you really have. It's ok. We as the electorate will understand.

Tomorrow is a favorite holiday of mine..... You just gotta love the ghosts and goblins and terror delight that is Halloween. Parents make sure your children stay safe at all times and for heavens sake, please go with them when the trick-or-treat tomorrow.

Hornet football won a weird game Saturday against Thug and Cheater U (aka Northern Colorado), 14-9 in Hornet Stadium. They had the ball for almost 40 minutes, yet did not score a TD! How in the hell did that happen! Hornet D stepping up, allowing only 3.3 yards per play to UNC. They had 89 total plays to our 50, but, we scored two TD's and that was enough. Sometimes you win a game ugly and this game was that. Big props to Cyrus M., our middle LB. Career high 21 tackles against the Bad-news Bears earned him Big Sky Player of the Week honors. Hornets are now 3-3 in the Sky and haven't been even in conference play this late in the season since 2000 (bout damn time!).

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